Are you looking for natural solutions for daily healthcare for better nutrition, exercise, improved  sleep, lower stress, and minimizing toxic load?

It is my hope to help you to establish daily wellness habits for every member of your family, and that includes your children and pets.  Prevention of illnesses is the goal and natural solutions is the first line of defense.

What are essential oils:

  • Natural aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants for health benefits. The oils embody the regenerating, protective, and immune-strengthening properties of plants and can be very powerful antioxidants.
  • Essential oils contain hundreds of different compounds and provides complex and versatile abilities to combat threats without building up resistance.
  • Address issues and root causes on a cellular level.
  • Affordable and cost pennies per drop.

Why essential oils are effective and safe

  • Essential oils effective because they are small in molecular size and are also lipid soluble. This allows many of them to easily and quickly penetrate the skin.
  • Studies suggest that essential oil components can be distributed to your body tissues within minutes and is eliminated from your body within hours. Therefore, using essential oils daily is safe and is the best support for your bodies different systems.

doTERRA is safe and 100% pure

Therapeutic grade oils are unregulated standards that leads to misleading label claims, comprised quality and marginal health benefits.  doTERRA sets a new standard of quality and purity or CPTG which means certified pure therapeutic grade.  What does that mean:

  • doTERRA is the most tested and most trusted quality.
  • The plants are harvested in their natural habitat. doTERRA co-harvests with farmers in the area.  doTERRA works directly with the farmers and not through third parties.
  • Every batch is verified pure and free of fillers and harmful contaminants using stringent third-party testing.

dōTERRA’s Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid illustrates how wellness is a combination of lifestyle and healthcare. When lifestyle is the focus, health can be naturally achieved and maintained. Your daily habits make all the difference.

Rate yourself (10 being you got it!) using the doTERRA Wellness Pyramid to identify your needs to better understand your health priorities and challenges.

Essential Oil Wellness Pyramid

Contact me to get the most from your ratings by attending one of our Natural Solutions classes or let's schedule a time to talk to customize your wellness plan.  Then, start your exciting journey in implementing natural solutions to your health priorities.

Once you have identified your health priority, the next step is how to get the essential oils in your hands to get you on your way to a natural solutions lifestyle.  doTERRA always has their customers' priorities in mind and gives you a choice.

1.  Enroll in a wholesale account and change your life.  This wholesale account is perfect for product consumers who want to implement the oils into their own personal life.

2.  Enroll as a Wellness Advocate and change others' lives. We all know people we would want to share wonderful information with.  Sharing essential oils is no different.  You may want the opportunity to get oils for free or at least to be able to pay for the products that you use, so this option may be for you.

3.  Enroll as a Wellness Advocate and build an income and make an impact to change your future. If you want to proactively empower others with their health and wealth, then this is for you.  Our team will be along side of you and will guide you step by step through the duplicatable process to help you get to the desired level of success you want to get to.

My job is to make sure you know how to use the oils daily in the most efficient way.  My job is to service you in whichever category you choose, and they are all great because you are taking the next step in managing your healthcare.  I look forward to taking this journey alongside of you.

dōTERRA - pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, there can be no substitute

Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  For more information, contact us or click "Join & Save".