using essential oils aromatically

Benefits of Aromatic Use of Essential Oils

A number of studies have demonstrated the beneficial properties of volatile aromatic compounds in a test tube, but how does this data correlate to the complex physiology of the human body?  Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are fat soluble and liquid. With more than 3,000 compounds properly identified, the clinical efficacy of essential oils is well established.

There is adequate evidence suggesting that although essential oils are metabolized quickly, their distribution throughout the body is considered to be relatively high. Due in part to the volatility of essential oils, aromatic exposure is by far the most effective. Aromatics are easily inhaled and then absorbed through the respiratory tract and lungs and then circulated through the blood stream.

aromatic use

Have you ever wondered how the faint aroma of something cooking can remind you of mom’s Sunday-morning cinnamon rolls, even 30 years later?